Pottery Lessons – Waxing | Clay

Waxing Bisque Fired Items After your items have been bisque fired they are ready to be glazed. However, before this happens you first need to wax the bottom of your items. Why Wax your Items? Waxing the base of your items is crucial for the final firing. It prevents the glaze from getting on to... Continue Reading →


Pottery Lessons – Cat Food and Water Bowls | Clay

How to make simple food and water bowls for your pet - with a twist. My mum has a big fluffy Maine Coon called NikNak. She is glorious and actually pretty dangerous if your hands are near by or if you are a rat. Anyhoo, I wanted to make new ceramic cat food and water... Continue Reading →

Pottery Lessons – The Studio | Clay

The Fiddlewood Studio So, my studio is freaking awesome. Fiddlewood studio is about a 9-minute drive from my house AND it is much more affordable than some of the fancier studios in the area. For about R580 I have a lesson each week and I get a bag of clay. Other studios were charging around... Continue Reading →

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