Pottery Lessons – Handmade Slab Salt Pot | Clay

Making a Salt Flake pot using Slab Clay

So, I’ve realised I quite enjoy Slab work. I think I find it satisfying because it’s so quick to complete an item – I’m not a very patient person. Ha. Also, everything turns out neat and even so that’s a win.

This week I saw a really cute Le Creuset salt pot. So, I decided to make something similar. I actually need to come to class with an idea otherwise I just end up making another bowl – eventually I am going to run out of surfaces for these things. This one new guy in our class is amazing at hand modelling clay. He just sits down and bangs out an amazing whale – This thing looked like it just jumped out of the bloody ocean and I’m making a freaking wonky bowl. Ha ha ha. Must be nice…

Anyhoo, here is how I made my Salt Flake Pot.

Clay Salt Flake Pot Steps

1) Roll Out The Clay and Cut to Size

This was the same as for my Oval Roasting Dish. I just wedged my clay (to remove air) and put through the slab roller. However, this week I managed to roll my finger too. That was kinda shit so lesson learnt. I then just cut one strip which was about 9cm x 30cm.

Slab Rolled Clay for a Salt Flake Pot
Slab Rolled Clay for a Salt Flake Pot

2) Wrap Clay Around a Mould

First, you wrap a PVC pipe tightly with newspaper – this is so you can remove the pipe later. You then wrap your clay around the pipe and join the two edges together by slip and scoring. You then smooth out the surface.

Slab Clay joined around PVC pipe mould
Slab Clay around the PVC pipe mould after joining the edges.

3) Add a Base to the Clay Cylinder

This part was really easy. I just cut a circular base to size and then attached it via the score and slip method. Boom!

Circular Base for Clay Pot
Circular Clay Base Cut to Fit the Clay Cylinder.
Score and Slip Clay together during Pottery Lessons
How to join clay together using the score and slip method

4) Make a Lid for the Clay Pot

I made a circular newspaper template that was just a bit bigger than the base. I wanted to add a slight curve to the lid so I placed my cut clay over a rounded mould. I kind of just left it on the mould whilst I worked. It’s easier to attach clay when it’s drier. I also made a little button for the handle which I attached to the lid. It ended up looking like a boob. Ha ha ha.

5) Cut Clay Pot to Shape

I wanted to make a space for a hand to easily reach into the Salt Flake Pot. I  used my circular template to cut a gap out of the cylinder. I then cut a gap out of the lid too.

Clay Slat Flake Pot and Lid Cut to Shape
Clay Slat Flake Pot and Lid Cut to Shape

6) Attach Lid and Decorate

After two hours the lid had hardened slightly into the right shape. I removed the PVC pipe and then the newspaper. I then finally attached the lid to the cylinder and just used a thin rope of wet clay to smooth out any gaps where they did not closely align. I then just decorated and added my stamp. My stamp had finally been fired so I kinda ran around stamping everything – see the cover image. Hee hee

Clay Salt Flake Pot Before the Lid is Attached
Stamp stamp stamp.
Handmade Clay Salt Flake Pot
Ta Da! I present to you the completed handmade clay Slat Flake Pot.


Until next week…


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