Pottery Lessons – The Studio | Clay

The Fiddlewood Studio

So, my studio is freaking awesome. Fiddlewood studio is about a 9-minute drive from my house AND it is much more affordable than some of the fancier studios in the area. For about R580 I have a lesson each week and I get a bag of clay. Other studios were charging around R800. Yikes.

Dee opened Fiddlewood studio at the back of her house. She has a guard-goose and a husband that loves vintage motorbikes. She’s just the friggin’ sweetest. She’s warm, patient and has a great sense of humour.


Learning How to Use the Pottery Wheel in Class
Dee Helping With the Pottery Wheel

The Class

So in the Monday evening class, we have about 5-8 people who attend. Most of us are beginners but there are a few people that seem to know what they’re doing i.e they know how to use the wheel. Ha ha. We all work around the table in the centre and chat about our week, share wine and share pottery ideas. Dee floats around where ever she is needed and usually offers tea for everyone around 21:00. Apparently, she makes a decent limoncello so I look forward to tasting that someday.

We each have our own shelf/space assigned for our clay and work-in-progress pieces. Once your items are completed, dry and sanded down they get moved to the communal shelf to await firing.


Monday Night Pottery Lessons at Fiddlewood Studio
Wheel Work in the Pottery Studio

The Routine

At the moment my Monday routine is sit in traffic on my way back from work (gag), go to the shops, make dinner and eat by 19:20. Class starts 19:30 and finishes whenever we’re finished. Brilliant. Dee doesn’t seem to mind if you hang around a bit to finish up your piece. She’s super chatty. I then end my evening sending pictures and updates to the boyfriend (bless) and friends.

I’ll take more photos of the studio actually and other pieces on which people are working.


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