Pottery Lessons – Slab Work | Clay

My Introduction to Slab Work.

In my second class, I had progressed from pinch pots to slab work.

Slab work is when you roll out the clay to the desired thickness and then I guess you can just go from there. You can use a slab, of clay to make more structured items such as jugs, plates, boards, boxes, casserole dishes etc.

Making a Jug

I decided to go with a jug. I thought why not have something to put flowers in at home. Besides, I’ve already started a small collection of jugs.

To start I wrapped a PVC pipe tightly in newspaper and then rolled my clay around it. I smoothed the seams and added a base. There are some techniques for adding a spout but I kind of prefer the look of just pulling out the lip a little.

To be honest it was a fairly quick item to make. I didn’t want to add any patterns to the clay – I wanted to save this for the painting process. So we wrapped my jug in plastic to keep it damp so I could add a handle the next week.

My Lemon- Juicer Failure

I decided to then attempt making a handheld lemon-juicer. Unfortunately, I managed to create an octopus-hybrid instead.  Not much use in the kitchen. I used tools to create the wedges. It was a mess. So I giggled and threw him in the bin … TBC.

My jug
My Jug with the completed handle

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